Board of Directors

Vince Bodiford – Director and President. He is the founding chairman of the Alzheimer’s Caregivers Network. Vince is a 35+ year veteran of the media business. He lives in Farmington Hills, MI and Cheyenne, WY. He is the president and CEO of NewsMakers Media, CEO of NewsNET, and publisher of The Cheyenne Post. He was personally impacted by Alzheimer’s disease within his family and lost a dear personal friend to the disease. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Vince’s passionate leadership aligns with his compassion and desire to help those providing care for loved ones with  Alzheimer’s disease.

Thomas O’Connor, Esq. – Director and Treasurer. Attorney at Law. Mr. O’Connor is a Southern California based semi-retired attorney. He lives in Mission Viejo, CA and Burbank, CA. Mr. O’Connor has practiced law for 35 years, and he is a former U.S. Navy lieutenant and pilot. His appointment to the organizational board is made due to his broad expertise in legal affairs, ethics and conduct, and his compassion and desire to help those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Nicki – Director. For the past 35 years, Dr. Nicki has helped individuals, couples and groups break free from being ‘stuck’ in their own stories. She has published several self-help books, and her expertise has been featured on multiple national television shows. Dr. Nicki is excited to bring her compassion and good humor to the Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Network. Having personal experience with the ravages of Alzheimer’s and dementia, she is particularly eager to develop practical supportive processes for the oft-forgotten caregivers and for the families so profoundly affected by this dreadful disease.

Orestes Baez – Veteran media leader and avid pickleballer, Orestes is Chief Executive Officer of TravelHost, the premier destination travel product of where to go and what to do in the United States. As a career leader in the media space, he has championed companies in direct mail marketing, digital, and printed media. Most recently, Orestes was Regional President for Adams Publishing Group in Wisconsin where Adams awarded him their first ever President of the Year recognition for 2021 performance. He is married to Donna Bazarte and they have one son, Chance.


Dana Eble – Communications Specialist. Ms. Eble is a media relations professional with experience in earned media, thought leadership and strategic communications. She has earned features for clients in outlets like The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and more. Ms. Eble first became acquainted with Alzheimer’s disease and the impact it has on families through her sorority in college, where she has volunteered and fundraised for nearly a decade.